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BITS Pilani offers one of the best laboratory facilities to enable the faculty and students students to perform high quality research. In addition to research, the faculty is also involved in performing experiments for the consultancies. The following is the list of well equipped laboratories:
  • Structural Engineering Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Concrete Lab
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Lab
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Public Health Engineering Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • GIS Lab & Computer center

Consultancy experiments

The Department of Civil Engineering is also actively involved in performing several experiments for the consultancies. 

Laboratory Instruments

Transportation Lab

Structural Engineering Lab

Surveying Lab

  • Total Station with tripod
  • Digital Theodolite with tripod
  • Transit Theodolite with tripod
  • Tacheometer with tripod
  • Dumpy Level
  • Plane Table Sets
  • Tilting Level
  • Auto Level
  • Digital Planimeter
  • Prismatic compass
  • Levelling staff
  • Handheld GPS
  • Aluminium Tripod
  • Metric Chain (30 m length)
  • Metric Chain (20 m length)
  • Ranging Rod
  • Fibre Tape (100 m)
  • Arrow
  • Peg
  • Cross-staff
  • Optical square

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Lab

Hydraulics Lab

Concrete Lab

Environmental Engineering Lab

Computer Center and GIS Lab

  • ArcGIS
  • Ansys 14.5
  • CivilFEM
  • Abaqus 6.13
  • ETABS 2013
  • SAP2000 16
  • GEO5 15
  • AUTOCAD 2014
  • Lahey-fujitsu Fortran 7.5
  • RAM Concept  V8i
  • STAAD Foundation Advance V8i
  • Structural Synchronizer V8i
  • MX V8i
  • Bentley Maps V8i
  • Bentley PowerCivil V8i
  • Projectwise V8i
  • STAAD Beaba Module
  • Bentley Products
  • Pipe flow expert
  • ROLTA Geomatica suite
  1. STAAD Pro V8i
  2. STAAD Foundation V8i
  3. DigitiZeIT

University Industry Linkage

All Integrated first Degree and Higher Degree Programs of the Institute provide for a Practice School option. A student who exercises such an option receives, on successful completion of the programme, a degree which carries the tag " With Practice School".

BITS is strongly linked to orienting education to meet the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the environment. If university education is an organized attempt to help people, become intelligent and able to face open-ended real life situations, it must at least have an economic relevance to society.

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