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The Civil Engineering Association aims at establishing technical and practical environment for the students in the field of Civil Engineering. Education to students here is not just confined to books and courses but events, presentations and lots of creative stuff that aid in bringing out the " real world CIVILite " inside the student. Professors and students together strive to accomplish this task. 
CEA plans a diversified education modality that include organizing events, presentations, workshops and seminars that are not just related to courses taught but updates and current issues as well to create general awareness among the students. CEA actively participates during APOGEE , which serves as a common platform for varied interests in civil engineering from all over the country. 
The Civil Engineering Association Team for the academic year 2019-2020:
Role Name ID Mobile no. Email id
President Prityesh Raj 2016A2PS0724P 9828245530
Secretary Aditya Bhanja 2017A2PS0777P 9831345718
Executive Coordinator  Veluri Sai Manish 2017A2PS0913P 9121576216
Events and Correspondence Coordinator Priyank Godhat 2017A2PS0856P 9106727178
Events Team Member Shubham Aggarwal 2018A2PS0093P 8700760192
Events Team Member Subham Agarwal 2018A2PS0139P 9521413675
Events Team Member Mohit Yadav 2018A2PS0861P 9792258506
Events Team Member Ujjwal Gupta 2018A2PS1015P 9910231334
Events Team Member Nitya Jain 2018A2PS0528P 7838776325
Events Team Member Puru Dutt Sharma 2018A2PS0714P 9829772342
Design & Publcity Head Kaivalya Shah 2017A2PS0597P 9429149899
Co-Designer Pratham Garg 2018A2PS0140P 7424962317
Co-Designer Ashrith 2018A2PS1035P 9640165568
Editorial Head Umang Agarwala 2017A2PS0890P 9007079934
Sub-Editor Charukesh Raghavendar L 2018A2PS0138P 9772418078
Sub-Editor Chirayu Tank 2018A2PS1009P 7597597544
Sub-Editor Kshitiz Kashyap 2018A2PS0141P 8219989964
Training head Sameer Lawankar 2017A2PS0098P 9602504589
PROF-IN-CHARGEDr. G. Muthukumar
CONTACT PERSONMr. Aditya Bhanja, Secretary, CEA Mob No.: + 91 9831345718

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