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  • Civil Engineering Faculty

     On-campus Faculty Members:
    Designation and Faculty Name Area of Specialization Phone* E-mail ID Website
    Prof. Anupam Singhal (HoD)
     Hazardous Waste Management, Advanced water & waste water treatment Techniques, Air pollution Abatement and Environmental Impact Assessment  5655 Personal Website
    Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai
    Senior Professor & Director, Pilani Campus
    Structural Health Monitoring 5221 Personal Website
    Prof. Rajiv Gupta
    Senior Professor
    Fluid Structure Interaction,GIS & Remote sensing, Passive solar Architecture, Concrete Technology 5603 Personal Website
    Prof. Shamsher Bahadur Singh
    Senior Professor
    Structural Engineering, Finite Element Modeling, Composite Structures 5649 Personal Website
    Prof. Ajit Pratap Singh
    Senior Professor
    Water Resources Management,Surface and Ground Water Quality Modeling using Numerical Methods & Soft computing techniques, Environmental Engineering and Pavement Management Systems 5235 Personal Website
    Prof. Ravi Kant Mittal
    Fiber Reinforced soil, Static & Dynamic behaviour of Soil reinforced with waste tire chip 5670 Personal Website
    Prof. Manoj Kumar
    Finite Element Analysis of Structures, Post-peak behavior of Highway Bridges, Seismic analysis of shear wall structures 5686 Personal Website
    Prof. Anshuman
    Finite Element, Methods, Computer Aided Design, Concrete Technology 5353 Personal Website
    Prof . Dipendu Bhunia
    Performance Based Seismic Design, Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Concrete Technology, Energy Efficient Building 5664 Personal Website
    Dr. S.N. Patel
    Associate Professor
    Dynamic Instability of laminated composite Stiffened/ unstiffened Structures 5692 Personal Website
    Dr. Shibani Khanra Jha
    Associate Professor
    Modelling and Simulation of Geo-thermal Reservoir, Multi-phase flow modelling 5710 Personal Website
    Dr. G Muthukumar
    Associate Professor
    Earthquake resistant Analysis & Design of Concrete structures, Non-linear finite element Analysis 5821 Personal Website
    Dr. Kamalesh Kumar
    Assistant Professor
    Ground Improvement Techniques, Geotechnical Engineering 5613 Personal Website
    Dr. Durgesh Vikram
    Assistant Professor
    Traffic Engineering, Traffic Flow Theory, Routing and Scheduling of Mass Transportation Systems 5844 Personal Website
    Dr. Rajesh Kumar
    Assistant Professor
    Stability of Structures, Non-linear dynamics, Inverse problem of engineering, Structural health monitoring, Composite structures 5851 Personal Website
    Dr. Mukund Lahoti
    Assistant Professor
    Construction materials
     5863 Personal Website
    Dr. Nishant Roy
    Assistant Professor 
    Geotechnical engineering  5817
    Personal Website
    Dr. R. Srinivas
    Assistant Professor 
    Watershed Modeling, Environmental Hydrology, Fuzzy logic based stakeholder analysis, River basin management, Water Resources Planning, and Management  5762
    Personal Website

    Dr. Vijay Kakade
    Assistant Professor
    Pavement Material 5759 Personal Website

    Dr. Sayantan Chakraborty
    Assistant Professor
    Geotechnical Engineering 5780 Personal Website

    Dr. Subhasis Pradhan
    Assistant Professor
    Sustainable Construction Materials, Concrete Technology, Cement Chemistry, Concrete Microstructural Analysis, Geopolymer, Life Cycle Assessment, Performance Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Members 5744 Personal Website

    Dr. Selva Balaji M
    Assistant Professor
    Groundwater hydrology Personal Website

    Dr. Pubali Mandal
    Assistant Professor
    Water and Wastewater Treatment, Advanced oxidation process, Life Cycle Assessment 5739 Personal Website
    Off-campus Faculty members:
    Designation and Faculty Name Area of Specialization E-mail ID Website
    Mr. M.K. Hamirwasia
    Assistant Professor
    Structural Engineering Personal Website

    * For External Dialing, Prefix : 01596-25-

  • Research Scholars

    List of research scholars:
    ID No. Name Specialization
    2011PH430451P Harish Kumar Mulchandani Structural Engineering 
    2013PH300065P Vidhi Vyas Transportation Engineering
    2014PHXF0004P Gaurav Kumar Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
    2014PHXP0409P Vummadisetti Sudhir Structural Engineering
    2015PH300054P Rishabh Bajpai Geopolymer Concrete and Sustainable  Materials
    2015PH440040P Somya Agrawal Traffic Engineering
    2015PHXF0004P Vasanth Keshav Structural Engineering
    2015PHXF0005P Gourav Gill Geotechnical Engineering
    2016PHXF0405P Soumya Kar Water Resources 
    2016PHXP0501P Virender Singh Phogat Environmental Engineering
    2017PHXF0040P Raya Raghavendra Kumar Construction Management
    2018PHXF0012P Vishal Singh          Structural Engineering
    Danish Fayaz         
    Structural Engineering
    Farhan  Mohammad Khan 
    Environmental Engineering
    2018PHXF0419P Gaurav Tyagi          Structural Engineering
    Jaya K Bhaskar       
    Structural Engineering
    2018PHXF0444P    Manigandan R          Structural Engineering
    2019PHXF0017P    Aniruddha Tangirala    Structural Engineering
    2019PHXF0018P Anuj Adhikari          Rock Mechanics and Tunnel Engineering
    2019PHXF0019P Srishti Khare            Solid Waste Management

  • Higher Degree Students

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