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Student Welfare

Enriching Campus Life


The formal platform enthused with the energy to channelize the all imaginative, emotional, technical, and even the unheard chords of the students. We the Student Welfare Division value originality and creativity backed up by, planned and coherent team action.

We are conscientious about virtually everything concerned with your stay here. To facilitate a pleasant environment, we take care of various aspects of student welfare like housing, financial aid & scholarships, health - care, games & sports maintenance of student dues, cultural activities and student counseling.

  • Recent Activities

  • Scholarship

    Click here to get scholarship details.

  • Discipline

  • Anti-ragging squad and contact

    Click here to get the Anti-Ragging squad and contact.

  • Mental Health Service TalkCampus

    Click here for the details of TalkCampus.

  • Grievances Redressal Committee for students

    Click here for the details of grievances Redressal Committee for students.

  • Committee for Combating Sexual Harassment

    Click here to get the details of the committee for Combating Sexual Harassment.

  • Hostels



    Contact No.

    Dean of Student Welfare

    Dr. Priti Bajpai


    Chief Warden

    Dr. Naveen Shrivastava


    A Block Warden

    Dr. Naveen Shrivastava


    B Block Warden

    Mr. Harold Franklin


    C Block Warden

    Dr. Naveen Shrivastava


    D Block Warden

    Dr. Gulshan Kumar


    G Block Warden

    Dr. Geetha


    Click here to get the hostel contract.
    Click here to get the hostel rules.

  • Transport

    The details will be available soon.

  • In house publications

    BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus has two in-house publications: Semester Newsletter @bitsdubai and Student Journal Perspectives. Both these publications are biannual.
    Editorial Board
    Patron: Prof. R.N. Saha 
    Editor-in-chief: Prof. Shazi Shah Jabeen
    Senior Editors:Suha Amber
                             Meriam Joseph
    Senior Designer: Avinold Jolivete
    Designers:Rohit Balaji R
                      Jasim Shihabudheen  
                      Varun Chopra
    Senior Reporters-  Aleena Joy
                                    Allan Barbosa
                                    Ameet Rahane
                                    Bharat Veauli 
                                    Hanoouf Alberia Soufain 
                                    Manisha Ann Thomas 
                                    Parth Ganeriwala 
                                    Prarthanaa Sankarnarayanan 
                                    Rohit Sanjay

    Reporters:  Gurusshitha Subramanian
                        Joshita Pentapati
                        Lakshya Bhartia 
                        Priyal Gupta
                        Tanushree Jain
                        Vignesh Bhat
                        Vignesh Nair 
    Photographers - Aafia Iqbal 
                                Afraa Noureen 
    Social Media ManagerHimanshu Bendwal

    Illustrator - Smrithi Chembath   

  • Student Council

    Sr No. Name ID num. POST Mobile No. Whatsapp No.
    Raj Mukeshbhai Patel
    2018A2PS0156U PRESIDENT +971567219749 +919099942135
    Abir Sharma
    2019A4PS0054U VICE PRESIDENT +971585794771 +917017036540
    Aditi Verma
    2019A1PS0004U GENERAL SECRETARY +971543935500 +971543935500
    Shivakumar Vinod Pillai
    2018A7PS0245U Ex. Offcio from previous Council +971508875092 +971508875092
    Ryan Mario Baretto 
    2018A4PS0050U 4th Year Day Scholar Representative +971508083349 +971508083349
    Abshar Mohamed Aslam
    2019A7PS0233U 3rd Year Day Scholar Representative +971504865197 +971504865197
    Mohammad Zaid Noor
    2020A4PS0060U 2nd Year Day Scholar Representative +971555301054 +971555301054
    Mohammed Aqeel
    2021A7PS0177U 1st Year Day Scholar Representative +971586239861 +971586239861
    Xitij Detroja
    2020H1490010U G Block Hostel Representative +971562629511 +919099959515
    Aditya Vikram
    2019A7PS0096U 3rd Year Hostel Representative 971562791720 +918756956871
    Safwan Sheikh
    2020A4PS0172U 2nd Year Hostel Representative +971582587674 +971582587674
    Charvik Maguluri
    2021A7PS0182U 1st Year Hostel Representative +971501432898 +971501432898

  • Clubs

    Please click here for listing of clubs
    Please click here for activities of clubs

  • Cultural activities

    Please click here to list the cultural activities.

  • Medals

    Every year following medals are given to deserving Graduating students

    • Chancellor's Gold, Silver and Bronze medal to academically top rankers amongst all First Degree students.
    • Director's Medal for All Round Achievement to one girl and one boy is given, for their outstanding contribution based on their achievements in academics, sports, technical, cultural and awards won.

  • Gallery

    Please click here for gallery

  • Contact Us

    Officiating Associate Dean
    Dr. Priti Bajpai
    Chief Warden
    Dr. Naveen Kumar Shrivastava

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