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Offices & Administration

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Useful Contact Details

A comprehensive list of all important contacts:

  • Administrative Contacts

    Name Designation Office Phone
    Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao
    Vice-Chancellor, BITS Pilani +91-1596-255247
    Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai
    Director, BITS, Pilani - Pilani Campus +91-1596-255221
    Col Soumyabrata Chakraborty (Retd)
    Registrar, BITS Pilani

  • Deans

    Division Name Name Office Phone

    Institute-Wide Deans

    Academic – Undergraduate Studies
    [Prof. Ajit Pratap Singh]
    Direct : +91-1596-255235
    AUGSD Office: +91-1596-255323
    Academic – Graduate Studies & Research
    [Prof. M. B. Srinivas]
    Direct : +91-40-66303521
    Practice School
    [Prof. Annapoorna Gopal ]
    PS Office : +91-4066303824
    Work Integrated Learning Programmes
    [Prof. S Gurunarayanan]
    Office : +91-1596-255239
    WILP Office : +91-1596-255216
    Faculty Affairs
    [Prof. Souri Banerjee]
    Direct :+91-40-66303253
    Sponsored Research and Consultancy Division
    [Prof. Sanket Goel]
    Direct : +91-40-66303686
    Alumni Relations
    [Prof. Arya Kumar]
    Direct : +91-1596-255671
    International Programmes and Collaborations
    [Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri]
    +91 8322580125

    Campus-Specific Deans

    [Prof. Sanjay Kumar Verma]
    Direct : +91-1596-255628
    Office : +91-1596-255269

  • Associate Deans

    Name Email Office Phone
    Associate Dean : Academic-Undergraduate Studies
    [Prof. Sachin Ulhas Belgamwar ]
    Direct : +91-1596515840
    Office : +91-1596-255263/5314
    Associate Dean : Academic-Graduate Studies and Research
    [Prof. Shamik Chakraborty ] Direct : +91-1596-255217
    Office : +91-1596-255204
    Associate Dean : Faculty Affairs
    [Prof. Anshuman Dalvi] Direct : +91-1596-255471
    Office : +91-1596-255219
    Associate Dean : Sponsored Research and Consultancy
    [Prof. Raj Kumar Gupta ]
    Direct : +91-1596-255383
    Office : +91-1596-255412
    Associate Dean : International Programmes and Collaboration
    [Prof. Sailaja Nandigama] Direct : +91-1596-255700
    Office : +91-1596-255276
    Associate Dean : Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP)
    [Prof. P. Srinivasan ] Direct : +91-1596-255214
    Office : +91-1596-255216
    Associate Dean : Practice School
    [Dr. G Muthukumar ] Direct : +91-1596-255821
    Office : +91-1596-255274
    Associate Dean : Student Welfare
    [Prof. Navin Singh ] Direct : +91-1596-255257
    Office : +91-1596-255270
    Associate Dean : Alumni Relations
    [Dr. Rajeev Sakhuja ] Direct : +91-1596-255711

  • Associate Deans-Off Campus

    Name Email
    Associate Dean-Off Campus :Practice School(Bangalore)
    [Prof. Annapoorna Gopal]
    Associate Dean-Off Campus : WILP
    [Dr Anita Ramchandaran]

    Associate Dean-Off Campus : WILP
    [Prof. P B Venkataraman (Hyderabad)]

    Associate Dean-Off Campus : WILP
    [Prof. K. Bindumadhavan (Hyderabad)]


  • Unit Chiefs

    Name Personal Office Phone
    Unit Chief, Centralised Purchasess
    [Prof. N.V. Muralidhar Rao]
    +91-1596-255259 +91-1596-255212
    Unit Chief, Workshop
    [Prof. Kuldip Singh Sangwan]
    +91-1596-255205 +91-1596-255303
    +91-1596-256406 (Store)
    +91-1596-256234 (Shop)
    Unit Chief, Placement
    [Prof. Hari Om Bansal]
    +91-1596-255308 +91-1596-255394

  • Faculty In-charge

    Name Personal Office Phone
    First Degree Admission Tests Email : Direct : +91-1596-255252
    Office : +91-1596-255330
    Higher Degree and Ph.D. Admission Tests Email : Direct : +91-1596-255374
    Office : +91-1596-255294
    Estate Management Email : Direct : +91-1596-255472
    Office:  +91-1596-255344
    Information Processing Centre
    Email :
    Direct : +91-1596-255283
    IPC Office : +91-1596-255291
    Instrumentation &
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255636
    Office : +91-1596-255381
    Public Relations
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255380
    TSS Office: +91-1596-256476
    Publications and Media Relations, Annual Report
    Direct : +91-1596-255626
    Office : +91-1596-255413
    VFAST, Cafeteria & Transport
    Direct : +91-1596-255672
    Office : +91-1596-255530
    Vfast Hostel: +91-1596-25530
    Entrepreneurial Leadership
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255852

    Infant Care Center and Institute Functions
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255808

    Software Development & Educational Technology
    Email :
    Direct : +91-1596-255457
    Office : +91-1596-255405
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255710
    Office : +91-1596-255537
    Societal Development (NSS and Nirmaan)
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255702
    Office : +91-1596-255260
    Email : Direct : +91-1596-255813
    Office : +91-1596-255314
    Registration & Counseling
    Email :
    Direct : +91-1596-255243
    Office : +91-1596-255263

  • Heads of Departments

    Department Head Of Department Phone
    Biological Sciences Prof. Rajdeep Chowdhury
    Personal: +91-1596-255666
    Department:+91 159625-5608.
    Chemical Engineering Dr. Pratik N Sheth
    Personal: +91-1596-255636
    Chemistry Prof. Indresh Kumar
    Personal: +91-1596-2555652
    Civil Engineering Prof. Anupam Singhal
    Personal: +91-1596-255353
    Computer Science & Information Systems Prof. Navneet Goyal
    Personal: +91-1596-255410
    Economics & Finance Prof. Krishna M
    Personal: +91-1596-255311
    Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Instrumentation Prof. Navneet Gupta
    Personal: +91-1596-255280
    Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Devika
    Personal: +91-1596-255265
    Management Dr. Udayan Chanda
    Personal: +91-1596-255264
    Mathematics Prof. Devendra Kumar
    Personal: +91-1596-255261
    Mechanical Engineering Prof. Srikanta Routroy
    Personal: +91-1596-2555223
    Pharmacy Prof. Gaikwad Anil Bhanudas
    Personal: +91-1596-255206
    Physics Prof. Rakesh Choubisa
    Personal: +91-1596-255288

  • Convener

    Name Email Phone
    Convener - Academia Council
    [Dr. Priya C. Sande]
    priya@pilani.bits-                             +91-1596-255812
    Convener - Project Parivartan
    [Prof. S. N Patel]
    shuvendu@pilani.bits-                             +91-1596-255494

  • Coordinators

    Name Email Phone
    IQAC , Coordinator
    [Prof M S Dasgupta]   +91-1596-51-5223
    Central Instrumentation Facility , Coordinator 
    [Prof R Mahesh]   +91-1596-51-5207

  • Co-coordinators / Incharge

    Name Email Phone
    Sophisticated Instrument Facility (SIF) , Co-Coordinator
    [Prof. S. Murugesan]   +91-1596-51-5717
    Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL) , Co-Coordinator
    [Prof. Surojit Pande]   +91-1596-51-5709
    In-charge, Chemical Glassware
    [Dr. Bharti Khungar]   +91-1596-51-5276

  • Chief Warden & Wardens

    Chief Warden Name Email Mobile

    Warden Email Mobile
    Gandhi Bhawan
    Krishna Bhawan +91-8854065246
    Dr. Kumar Sankar Bhattacharya
    Shankar Bhawan +91-7737266378
    Dr. M M Pandey
    Ram Bhawan +91-9950952634
    Dr. Sharad Shrivastava
    Budh Bhawan +91-9351150986
    Prof. Rajeev Taliyan
    Bhagirath Bhawan +91-6378364745
    Prof. Surekha Bhanot
    Meera Bhawan +91-9694096461
    Prof. Rakhee
    Meera Bhawan +91-9057999891
    Malviya Bhawan +91-9468675801
    Srinivasa Ramanujan Bhawan +91-9547826092
    Research Hostel,
    Day Scholars +91-9694096457
    Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari
    Sir C.V. Raman +91-9414084794
    Dr. Krishnendra Shekhawat
    Vishwakarma Bhawan +91-9468839182
    Prof. Praveen Kumar A.V.
    Vyas Bhawan +91-8239818326

  • Centre Specific Contacts

    Centre Contact Person Phone
    Centre for Desert Development Technologies Prof. Rajiv Gupta
    Personal: +91-1596-255603
    Office: +91-1596-255254
    Centre for Educational Technology Dr. Virendra Singh Shekhawat
    Personal: +91-1596-255457
    Office: +91-1596-255405
    Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership Dr. Satyendra Kr. Sharma
    Personal: +91-1596-255852
    Office: +91-1596-255334
    Centre for Renewable Energy and Environment Development (CREED) Prof. Manoj Kumar Soni
    Personal: +91-1596-255634
    Office: +91-1596-255455
    Office: +91-1596-255225
    Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems Prof. Bijay Kumar Rout
    Personal: +91-1596-255430
    Office: +91-1596-255225
    Centre for Software Development Dr. Virendra Singh Shekhawat
    Personal: +91-1596-255457
    Office: +91-1596-255405
    Rain Water Harvesting Prof. Rajiv Gupta
    Personal: +91-1596-255603
    Office: +91-1596-255254
    Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE) Dr. Satyendra Kr. Sharma
    Personal: +91-1596-255852
    Office: +91-1596-255334
    Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) Prof. Kaushar Vaidya
    Personal: +91-1596-255685
    Office: -+91-1596-255537

  • Issue Specific Contacts

    Admissions: On Campus Dr. Vishal Gupta
    Faculty In-charge, First Degree Admission Tests

    Personal: +91-1596-255252
    Office: +91-1596-255294
    Office: +91-1596-255330
    Admissions: Off Campus
    Work Integrated Learning Programmes
    WILP Admission Cell
    Work Integrated Learning Programmes

    Office: +91-1596-255216
    Office: +91-1596-255324
    Sponsored Research and Consultancy Prof. Raj Kumar Gupta

    Associate Dean, SRCD
    Personal: +91-1596-255383
    Office: +91-1596-255412
    Academic Research (Ph.D. Programme) Prof. Shamik Chakraborty

    Associate Dean : Academic-Graduate Studies and Research
    Personal : +91-1596-255217
    Office: +91-1596-255204
    Accreditation, Recognition, Equivalence etc. Registrar

    Personal : +91-1596-255298
    Office: +91-1596-255348
    Issue of Transcripts,
    continuing transcripts: On Campus
    Prof. Sachin Ulhas Belgamwar

    Associate Dean : Academic-Undergraduate Studies
    Office: +91-1596-255302/5263
    Issue of duplicate copy of
    Degree Certificates
    (in case of loss/theft) : On Campus

    Office: +91-1596-255302/5263
    Issue of Transcripts, continuing transcripts,
    duplicate copy of Degree Certificates
    (in case of loss/theft) : Off Campus

    Work Integrated Learning Programmes
    WILP Registration Cell
    Work Integrated Learning Programmes

    Office: +91-1596-255395
    Office: +91-1596-255216
    Email :
    Registration & Counseling: On Campus Dr. Jitendra Singh Rathore

    Faculty In-charge
    Office: +91-1596-255263
    Registration & Counseling: Off Campus WILP Registration Cell
    Work Integrated Learning Programmes

    Office: +91-1596-255395
    Office: +91-1596-255216
    Establishment of new
    Practice School (PS)
    PS- specific query/feedback
    Dr. G Muthukumar

    Associate Dean, Practice School
    Personal: +91-1596-255469
    Office: +91-1596-255274
    Establishment of new Off Campus
    Work Integrated Learning Programmes
    center, related query/feedback
    Prof. P. Srinivasan
    Associate Dean, Work Integrated Learning Programmes

    Office: +91-1596-255214
    Office: +91-1596-255216
    Issues related to Faculty Affairs Prof. Anshuman Dalvi

    Office: +91-1596-255378
    Office: +91-1596-255219
    Issues related to Academic and
    resource Planning
    Personal: +91-1596-255384
    Office: +91-1596-255291
    Instruction Planning, Course-structure,
    Teaching assignment,
    Time tabling, Teaching feedback
    Prof. Sachin Ulhas Belgamwar

    Associate Dean : Academic-Undergraduate Studies
    Personal: +91-1596-255-840
    Office: +91-1596-255-263
    Issues related to UGC, AICTE, PCI Registrar

    Personal: +91-1596-255348
    Office: +91-1596-255354
    Issues related to NAAC Prof. Vishal Saxena

    Personal: +91-1596-255815
    Office: +91-1596-255654
    Campus Placement Prof. Hari Om Bansal

    Unit Chief, Placement
    Office: +91-1596-255394
    IT infrastructure, services & management
    Software Development, Research,
    Technology & Consultancy
    Prof. Yashvardhan Sharma

    Faculty In-charge, Information Processing Centre (IPC)
    Personal: +91-1596-255283
    Office: +91-1596-255291
    Matters pertaining to purchase of appropriate
    Educational Hardware & Software Licenses,
    Annual Maintenance Contract
    Prof. N. V. Muralidhar Rao

    Personal: +91-1596-255212
    Entrepreneurship Development &
    Faculty In-charge, Entrepreneurial Leadership Intellectual Property Rights
    Dr. Satyendra Kr. Sharma

    Personal: +91-1596-255341
    Office: +91-1596-255271
    Library Dr. Ranjan Sinha Thakur

    Personal: +91-1596-255341
    Office: +91-1596-255271
    Student welfare & related issuess Prof. Navin Singh

    Associate Dean, Student Welfare
    Attached Office: +91-1596-255270
    Office: +91-1596-255211
    Chief Warden : +91-1596-255286
    Alumni Relations Dr. Rajeev Sakhuja

    Associate Dean,Alumni Relation 
    Personal: +91-1596-255783
    Office: +91-1596-255211
    Chief Warden : +91-1596-255286
    Campus Maintenance Prof. Dipendu Bhunia

    Faculty In-charge, Estate Management
    Personal: +91-1596-255472
    Office : +91-1596-255344
    Publications and Media Relations Prof. Gajendra Singh Chauhan

    Personal: +91-1596-255626
    Workshop Dr. K. S. Sangwan

    Personal: +91-1596-255205
    Workshop Store: +91-1596-256406
    Transport Service Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma

    Faculty In-charge, VFAST, Cafeteria & Transport
    Personal: +91-1596-255672
    Website Atul Runthala

    Personal: +91-1596-255322
    Institute FAX FAX: +91-1596-244183
    In case of medical, fire, safety &
    security related emergencies,
    please dial the following numbers:
    1. Dial 5555 using the intercom, if you are in any of the Institute buildings.
    2. Dial 255555 if you are dialing from a local landline (e.g. BSNL etc.).
    3. Dial 01596-5555 if you are calling from a mobile.

Faculty Achievements

  • Best educationist Award for Biology research and teaching

    Prof. Rajesh Mehrotra received the best educationist award in Biology category for research and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, by IIEM

  • “Professor D. K. Banerjee Memorial Lecture Award” from IISc., Bangalore to Dr. Indresh Kumar

    Congratulation to Dr. Indresh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, for receiving the “Professor D. K. Banerjee Memorial Lecture Award” of the Department  of Organic Chemistry, IISc., Bangalore, for the year  2016.

  • Prof Dalip Kumar

    Prof Dalip Kumar, Department of Chemistry, has been selected for the CRSI Bronze Medal-2017 by the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) for his contributions to research in Chemistry. CRSI was founded by Bharat Ratna Prof C. N. R. Rao and is the largest chemical society in India.

  • Prof M. S. Dasgupta

    Prof M. S. Dasgupta, Department of Mechanical Engineering, was given the best paper award in January 2016 for his paper titled “Smart Control of Electric Lamp using Artificial Intelligence based Controller” at the 12th IEEE India International Conference Electronics, Energy, Environment, Communication, Computer, Control, (E3-C3) held at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, during December 17-20, 2015.

  • Prof K. S. Sangwan

    Prof K. S. Sangwan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded a project worth 369,455.36 Euros by DAAD and FESTO Didactic, Germany with Professor Christoph Herrmann, TU Braunschweig, on the establishment of a “Learning Factory” at BITS Pilani.

  • Prof Jitendra Panwar

    Prof Jitendra Panwar, Department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded a visiting professorship under INSA-CAS International Bilateral Exchange/ Collaboration Programme-2016.

  • Dr Arnab Hazra

    Dr Arnab Hazra, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, received the "Early Career Research Award" by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India on March 4, 2016. 

  • Prof. Rahul Banerjee has been elevated by the IEEE to the grade of Senior Member

    IEEE has intimated the institute that Prof. Rahul Banerjee has been elevated to the grade of senior member which require experience and reflects professional accomplishment that only 9% of its 428,000 members have achieved thus far.
    Click here for more details

Students Achievements

  • Citi Women Leader Award 2016-17

    Ms. Vidhi Jain (ID No.2014A7PS113) was declared as the Winner of the 'Citi Women Leader Award 2016-17' on 7th March, 2017 at Citi Group's First International Financial Center in BKC, Mumbai. Citi India shall provide her scholarship to support one year of her study at BITS Pilani.

  • BITS, Pilani Students Shine in Sports Tournament “SPORTECH” held at IIT Delhi

    SPORTECH'17 - A sports was organised by IIT, Delhi during 24th - 27th February, 2017 in which 48 colleges and around 1600 students from various parts of the country participated. Out of these, 149 students were from BITS Pilani campus, Rajasthan. They won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in various categories.

  • BITS Pilani Student Team wins Silver Position in National KPIT Sparkle 2017

    A student team from BITS Pilani, comprising of Mr. Vandit Gandotra (Project Lead), Mr. Piyush Sharda and Mr. Tanmay Sharma from the Dept. of Electrical & Electronics, bagged the Silver position in National KPIT Sparkle 2017- Smart City Innovation Challenge. 

  • Roshni Chabra Receives Mahindra Transport Excellence Award for Short Story

    Five best stories from 4000 entries were selected for Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards. Roshni Chhabra, a student of BITS Pilani (Chemical Engineering) was one of the five shortlisted writers. The award ceremony was held on 3rd February 2017 at The Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi. Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Minister of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

  • Young F1 car designers gear up for international contest

    A team of 20 students from BITS Pilani, Dubai, designed UAE's first Formula 1 car, student race car. Recently the team also won at the Innovator Show 2016 in Abu Dhabi. Dh 200,000 was spent in total for designing and manufacturing the car. The team is also going to show case  their latest car at Formula SAE in Germany next year.

  • India's Official First Aid App Launched

    Six students from BITS PILANI, i.e.  Tushar Dhalwani (Pilani Campus), Rishabh Garg (Pilani Campus), Bhuvan Gupta (Goa Campus), Akanksha Pandey(Hyderabad Campus), Shrey Bansal (Hyderabad Campus), Rahul Mittal(Hyderabad Campus) have created India’s Official First Aid Mobile Application as their summer internship project from 23rd May -16th July, 2016 at Indian Red Cross Society, NHQ, New Delhi. 

  • Three BITS, Pilani Students Win the Aditya Birla Group Scholarship

    Three students from BITS, Pilani - one each from Pilani Campus (2016A7PS019P-Mr. Tanay Sharma), Goa Campus (2016A7PS004G-Mr. Dinku Sarmah) and Hyderabad Campus (2016A7PS001H-Ms.Sandhya Biksham Preethi Sharma) are selected for the 18th Aditya Birla Scholarship Programme – Class of 2016-17. 

  • Five BITS, Pilani Students Win O.P. Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarships

    Five students from BITS, Pilani have won OPJEM scholarships- 2016, worth Rs. 80,000 each. They are Harsh Sharma (2014A4PS405P), Sishir Suresh Mohammed (2015A4PS136P), Pragyan Trivedi Priyamedh (2013A4PS063P), Prithu Mitash (2013A4PS392P) and Prateek Arora (2014A2PS556P).

  • AcYut wins Internationally

    Humanoid AcYut 4 developed by BITS students won awards in both Robocup Iran 2011 held in Teheran on 5-9 April 2011 and Robogames 2011 held in San Franscisco on 15-17 April 2011.

  • All Terrain Vehicle

    Gaurav Baheti and Anirudh Singh secured 10th place in the All India content for designing all Terrain Vehicle in 2010.

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