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Innovation through Research
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IEEE Student Branch

About IEEE:
IEEE – the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Tag lined “Advancing Technology for Humanity”, IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Organization of IEEE:
IEEE aims to accumulate the technological expertise, knowledge and innovation from all around in world, bring it under one roof and channelize it towards solving the problems and making the world a better place to live in, for everyone. In order to gain that reach, over the years, IEEE has developed a well defined structure for itself to spread across the globe.

IEEE is organized into:
  • 333 local sections in 10 geographic regions;
  • About 2,081 chapters comprised of local members with similar technical interests;
  • 38 societies and 7 technical councils that compose 10 technical divisions;
  • More than 1,855 student branches at colleges and universities in 80 countries;
  • 533 student branch chapters.
Importance of Student Branch Chapters:
A student branch chapter of IEEE bridges the gap between students and professionals, University and Industry, Education and Corporate sectors. It enables the under graduate and graduate students to hone their skills, be more productive and contribute to the society. Such diligence is extracted, appreciated and duly rewarded by IEEE through various contests, conferences and seminars. Student branch serves as a platform for the students to network within themselves, to get exposed to the cutting edge technologies, to showcase their leadership qualities and most of all to expand their network and get to know and interact with eminent people in their field around the globe.
Student Branch of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus:
The student branch at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus got its official recognition as an IEEE student branch in May 2010. But the students of the campus have been active members of IEEE since the year of inception of the campus, i.e.; 2008. At the time of the official recognition of the student branch, it comprised of 40 student members (for the year 2010-11), and the number grew to 76 the very next year (for the year 2011-12). The membership drive is complete for the calendar year 2012-13, and the response received till now is highly promising. Presently we have around 50 student members as part of the IEEE Student Branch of the campus.
Office bearers:
IEEE Student Branch Counsellor: Dr. G. Geethakumari
The Student Team:




Sathvik Swaminathan 



Shubham Singla



Garvit Kashyap



Rajiv DVK



Megha Khurana


Joint Secretary

Medini NB


Joint Secretary

Spandan Pal



Student Branch activities and events:
Apart from its phenomenal strength, the student branch also takes pride in its quality of work and involvement in the IEEE activities, before and after the formal inception. Guided by the IEEE Student Branch Advisor Prof. G. Geethakumari, Associate Professor & HoD, Dept of Computer Science and Information Systems Dept., and steered by the selected core team, the student branch has played a key role in conducting various events in the college on behalf of IEEE.
TENCON 2008:
Before the inception of the student branch, students from the BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus volunteered in the TENCON 2008, held at the University of Hyderabad.
  • 15 members from college went for volunteering
  • 5 on each day
  • They volunteered in transport and help desk
IEEE Student Branch Inaugural Event:
The IEEE Student Branch, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, launched the branch activities in thecampus with a guest lecture by Mr. Phil De La Zerda, Director of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Intel Developer Product Division. Titled “Winning with Parallelism Today”, the talk covered the latest ideas on parallelism and parallel programming.
Science Day - 2010:
After the selection of core team for the student branch of IEEE in the campus, which was conducted in December 2010, three events were conducted on behalf of the student branch for the science day, i.e; 28th February 2010 on campus.
  • Helvetica – Time to spin the web: A web page design contest aimed at giving the students a chance to experiment with their basic HTML skills adding a little creativity to it, to design a web page on one of the given themes.
  • IGNOBELS: This event was aimed at propelling the student minds to think out of the box and come up with creative and wacky ideas.  
  • Code Wars: A programming based contest which aimed at sharpening the C programming skills of the students.
Interaction with IEEE R10 GINI Coordinator:
An interactive session with Mr. T.L. Prasanna Venkatesan, IEEE R10 GINI Coordinator was arranged on 8th September 2010 to enlighten the students on the benefits of IEEE membership. It was a one hour session where the students from various Departments put forward their interests and sought his view on how IEEE would help them realize their goals.
IEEE Computing Colloquium:
The student branch also takes the pride of conducting the third IEEE Computing Colloquium along with the IEEE Computer Society Chapter – Hyderabad Section, on 25th September 2010. The following speakers were invited.
  • Mr. Ramesh Loganathan - MD and VP, Progress Software. He delivered a talk on “Responsive Process Management – Beyond just SOA and BPM”.
  • Mr. Aditya R Rao, Chair - IEEE Computer Society Chapter, Hyderabad Section, and Mr. Niranjan Hanasoge  - Senior Engineer, Google India & Vice-Chair, IEEE Computer Society Chapter, Hyderabad Section. They enlightened the audience about “IEEE and IEEE Computer Society, Benefits and Student Initiatives
  •  Mr. Narasimhan Agaram - Senior Staff Engineer, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd. He provided an insight into Android, with his talk titled “The OS in your pocket – LINUX even for your Grandmother”.
Workshop on Joomla:
This is the first of the branch’s student-for-student initiative activities, directed towards encouraging some of the technically well equipped students to come forward and share their knowledge with the other students. It also aimed at raising money to make the branch self sufficient to conduct future activities on a large scale, for there was an inadvertent delay in receiving the seed money from the IEEE. This workshop was conducted by D. Ravi Teja, the Student Branch Chairman, on Joomla – a free and open source Content Management System. It turned out to be a massive success and his effort was appreciated.
Tutorial on Web Services:
The student branch of IEEE - BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, in association with the IEEE Computer Society – Hyderabad section conducted a tutorial on “Web Services: Architectures, Design and Deployment” on 26th March 2011. The tutorial gave the audience an insight into Web Services, SOAP based standards and RESTful architectures. It also focused on how to consume web services by showing how to implement applications, which can display Flickr photographs, Twitter/facebook updates, etc using RESTful web services. And finally the audience were given a hands on experience of creating and deploying SOAP and REST based services on web server and how to using them in simple applications.
Our Pride - IEEE INDICON 2011:
In addition to the activities conducted on campus, the student members make it a point to participate in the IEEE section events, thereby increasing their exposure in addition to expanding their knowledge base. This persistent enthusiasm shown by the student branch members and faculty advisors, the support from our beloved Director - Prof. V.S. Rao and the absorbing serenity and elegance of our new born campus, won us the opportunity to conduct the INDICON – 2011 on our campus, with a theme – “Engineering Sustainable Solutions”. INDICON, the prestigious annual conference of IEEE India Council, has been held since 2004 and covers the fields of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Life Sciences, Technology Management among other areas of discipline of the IEEE. The conference brings together researchers, academicians and professionals in the fields of engineering from all over India to share their original research work and contributions. The papers presented were picked by eminent Technical Program Committee involving stalwarts from education and corporate sectors.
The conference was held from 16th -18th December. The proceedings of the conference appear in the IEEE Xplore.

Yet another milestone in the IEEE student branch of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. A technical know-how on laptops, smart phones, the addictive social media sites exclusively for the freshmen was organised. A platform of discussion and teaching relating to choice of laptops and processors, BIOS and Operating systems marched its way through on 26th October of 2012. Active participation from the freshmen and totally coordinated organization by the sophomores was an informative session that put in the most complicated technologies in the most effortlessly comprehensible terms.
IEEE Workshop on Embedded Systems (Oct 9th – Oct 11th , 2012)

The student members of IEEE, in association with PHOENIX, conducted a not-for-profit workshop on embedded systems. The student team was led by Sairam, who along with Phanindra took the lectures; while Mohammad Ghouse, Vamsi Krishna, Sumanth, L.S.Prasad and Srinivas volunteered to help the students build the circuits. The members of PHOENIX association extended their full-fledged support for this endeavour. In this three day workshop, from Oct 9 to Oct 11, about 200 students encompassing all branches of Engineering participated enthusiastically.
The participants were taught the basics of 8051 Microcontroller and the coding concepts of KEIL IDE, which was the software used for programming the chip. The participants not only understood the concepts thoroughly but also implemented them practically by interfacing 8051 with LEDs, LCD, IR Sensors and Motors using respective circuits. All their doubts were clarified there itself by the student volunteers, who kept moving around continually and assisted them in making circuit connections. The fact that almost all the participants were able to get the intended outputs by the end of the workshop stood as a testimony to its success. The commitment of the student team was well appreciated by all participants. 
IEEE Prime Asia 2012 Conference
The Asia-Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics & Electronics (PrimeAsia) is a new initiative of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society for engaging students. It aims to provide opportunity for postgraduate students (Master and Ph.D) to present their research work and to interact with scientists/engineers in the research community and industry. PrimeAsia 2012, sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, was held during December 5-7, 2012 at BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. The research papers in PrimeAsia 2012 were presented by postgraduate students. Researchers from academia and industry attended the 3 day event creating a stimulating environment for exchange of ideas and mentoring of young researchers.
PrimeAsia covered a wide range of topics which include:
  • Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Circuits
  • Bio-Medical Circuits and Systems
  • Programmable Analog and Digital Systems
  • RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits
  • Power Electronic Circuits
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Green Circuits and Systems
  • Analog and Digital Signal Processing
  • Nano Electronics and Giga Scale Systems
  • VLSI Circuits and Systems 
IEEE NPSS Distinguished Lecturers Program
Ball Lightning--New Physics, New Energy Source, or Just Good Entertainment? Dr. Pace Van Devender is the first to be invited to India to give a lecture to a gathering as a part of the NPSS DLP (Nuclear and Plasma Science Society Distinguished Lecturers Program). IEEE Student branch BITS, Pilani, Hyderabad Campus takes pride to grab the opportunity of having Vice President Emeritus, Sandia National Laboratories, APS Fellow, AAAS Fellow, IEEE Senior Member to address them.”Luck is what happens when efforts meet opportunities”as most of us say. This is what happened when Dr. Pace responded enthusiastically to a mail sent by the student branch office bearer.

12 th February, 2013 was set as the D day for the lecture. Dr Pace was received by our branch chairperson Samhitha Challa and secretary Prateek Kumar. Back in the campus, he was welcomed by the IEEE student councilor, Dr. Geetha Kumari who escorted him to the lecture hall where he addressed a gathering of around 100 people, of which 30were IEEE members. The crowd included the entire Physics department of the college and a number of interested students as well as faculty. The event was anchored by the student branch editor Swati S.

The lecture began with a reason why the topic had caught the attention of Dr. Pace. Many incidents of this reportedly unexplained reportedly unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon, BALL LIGHTNING were discussed in detail. Each of these phenomenon were studied in detail and each study added to improve the understanding of this unsolved mystery. Starting from verifying if the event reported was true to a trip to FORTE satellite observations to Antarctica expedition to use of sensors which were realized using USRP2 processors and Gnuradio software on linux based systems to identifying and eliminating false positives to analyzing the distributions of preferred frequencies was a 15 year long research pieced together, as the awe struck audience applauded Dr. Pace’s perseverance. 

Dr. Pace, being an accomplished public speaker, delivered his speech in such a manner that despite being a highly elusive topic, could be understood by both staff and students alike. The random poll conducted gave a 4.3 on 5 for the lecture.The event was successful owing to the efforts of Kalyan Pingali and Sai Nikhil. 
As a token of appreciation, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus presented Dr Pace with a memento. We are really grateful to Dr Pace for sharing his knowledge on the subject with the college. 
Talk on White Space Networking
The IEEE Student Branch of BITS PILANI Hyderabad Campus had organised a talk show on WHITE SPACE NETWORKING, in association with the IEEE COMMUNICATION SOCIETY on 5th September, 2014. 
Distinguished lecturer PROFESSOR SUMIT ROY (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle) was the one who delivered the lecture and he did so in a splendid fashion. Instead of diving headfirst into the topic, he took his time in getting acquainted with the audience (which largely consisted of 3rd and 4th year students, along with a handful of M.E students and PhD Research Scholars). Impressed by the number of IEEE members who were present at the lecture, Prof. Sumit Roy went on to say that being a part of the IEEE student chapter is of great value, the reason being that it not only exposes students to latest developments in the technological sector but also helps them during placements and research. He mentioned many digital journals which IEEE had published over the years and also various conferences conducted by the IEEE Communications Society such as the IEEE GLOBECOM, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE CCNC, IEEE PIMRC and IEEE WCNC. 
Prof. Sumit Roy then started his lecture with a question: "What are White Spaces?"  upon receiving an answer from an eager student, he went on to describe in depth his topic, which was "WHITE SPACE NETWORKING” (Integrated sensing and Database Architecture). He explained how unused or "free"   regions in the radio spectrum (called White Spaces) could be harnessed to our advantage in order to solve the global crisis of inadequacy of unlicensed service bands. The difference between supply and demand has become huge and more offload is required in terms of unlicensed service. This could be solved with the use of white spaces. He talked about the advent of 4G in the US due to increasing network traffic and went on to highlight the problem of SPECTRUM CRUNCH, which was caused due to the lack of sufficient network capacity at crucial times. Overall, the presentation was highly enlightening and it gave the students a new area to venture into. 
Talk on Social Network Analysis
The IEEE Student Branch organized a session by Ms. Agrima Srivastava on social network analysis on 11th March 2014. The objective of the presentation was to introduce the concept of analyzing social network data to gain deeper insights from it. The talk had three sections all together. In the first section concepts like data representation, benefits of analyzing social network data, Milgram's experiment, Small World Phenomenon, Connections, Centrality, Distance were discussed. The second part of the presentation emphasized on the use of various network models available using which the social network data could be realized effectively. This included discussions on Erdos Renyi, Random Networks and preferential attachment model. The third part had a brief introduction on the different tools available to perform Social Network Analysis. Some of the tools like Gephi, Netlogo and Igraph (an R package) were discussed in details whereas reference to others like the Pajek, SoNIA,NodeXL,NetworkX were  also mentioned. 
The talk concluded with a demo on analyzing one's Facebook network data and a discussion on interesting research areas like Security and Privacy Issues, Preventing Rumor Spread, Visualizing Social Networks, Link Prediction in Social Networks, Data Mining in Online Social Networks, Text Mining in Social Networks.   
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ACM Chapter

ACM is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society which delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. Inaugural ceremony of BITS-Pilani Hyderabad ACM Student Chapter took place in the esteemed presence of Dr. Dukkipati  Nageswara  Rao,an Innovator and a Serial Entrepreneur and a BITS-Pilani Alumnus. It was also graced by our Director and Faculty from Computer Science and Information Systems department. Dr.D.N.Rao was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He spoke on a varied range of topics like Technology, Mythology, History, Management and leadership. He narrated his journey into and after BITS-Pilani and his awe-inspiring entrepreneurship experiences. His speech left the students thinking and inspired.  Later, director Prof V S Rao encouraged students with his words of advice and appreciation. The function ended with presentation of memento to the chief guest and a vote of thanks.
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SAE Chapter

SAE COLLEGIATE CHAPTER BITS-PILANI is formed under the Mechanical Department BITS-Pilani .The club has been formed to undertake various practical activities going around the world.

The purpose of this organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meeting that will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in local SAEINDIA Section activities.

All students attending BITS-PILANI who are SAEINDIA student members or SAEINDIA members are qualified to become members of this organization irrespective of his/her year and discipline.


  • Flexural strengthening of concrete structures

    This research project deals with the importance and effectiveness of Near Surface Mounted (NSM) reinforcement ...

  • Static sunshade for thermal comfort inside buildings

    The research work aims on the following objectives:- To check the optimum entry of sunlight through openings in different facades ...

Coding BITS 2021

The IEEE BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Student Branch, in collaboration with Coding Ninjas, organized an Online Coding competition, ‘CodingBITS’ on October 28th, 2021. Coding aficionados from all the years participated in the competition and showcased their coding skills.

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