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Students Awards & Achievements

Students Awards & Achievements

Students Achievements

  • Ms Archana Choudhary of Chemistry Department, Pilani campus, received best oral presentation award for the paper “ Design and synthesis of nanostructural heterogeneous catalyst and characterization ” presented at the 4th National Symposium for Material Research Scholars, IIT Bombay, on 4-5 May, 2012.
  • Mr Sonu of Chemistry Department, Pilani campus, received best oral presentation award for the paper, “ Effect of solvents and pH on Intramolecular charge transfer fluorescence properties of trans – 2 - [4’-(N,N’-dimethylaminostyryl]pyridine” presented at Chemical Constellation Cheminar 2012 (CCC 2012) (International Conference) organized by the Department of Chemistry, Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab, on 10-12 September, 2012.
  • Ms Sonal Kumari, PhD Scholar, Computer Science and Information Systems Department, Pilani Campus, got the prestigious TCS PhD scholarship from January 2012 for a period of 4 years. Ms Kumari also got the Canadian Government Commonwealth Research Scholarship to work for 6 months at Carleton University, Canada (Can $ 10000).
  • Three students of B. E (Computer Science) of Pilani campus, Mr Rishab Agarwal, Mr Kunal Lad and Mr Nitin Gangahar were chosen by Google with salary package of US $ 225 thousand (INR1.22 Cr).
  • Humanoid AcYut – 4 developed by the students of Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Pilani campus, was invited to participate in ROBOCUP 2013 held in June 2013 in Netherlands.
  • Four students of Pilani campus, by name, Mr Sentiwapang, Mr Gaurav Ghosh, Mr Bable Ashutosh Madhavrao, and Ms Sujata Sharma were selected for the Aditya Birla Scholarships for 2012-13.
  • Mr Saurabh Nayak, student of Computer Science and Information Systems Department, K K Birla Goa campus won RBI Young Scholar award 2012.
  • The paper of Ms Vaidehi Murarka, student of Hyderabad campus, was accepted for publication in International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, Paris, France. Title of her paper was “Alphabet recognition using pixel probability distribution”.
  • Ms A Mallika, Research Scholar, Hyderabad campus, received best research award for her research work in molecular biology in the year 2012 sponsored by Bharat Biotech Intl. Ltd.
  • Mr Varun Soni, student of Hyderabad campus won 3 gold medals, best power lifter and best weight lifting trophy award in BOSM 2012. Further, Mr Soni was declared Best Player of BOSM 2012.
  • Basketball team of Hyderabad campus won 1st prize in Inter-city tournament conducted by NALSAR Law College in Hyderabad in 2012.
  • Team of Hyderabad campus won the First Prize in the Fashion Show at the Cultural Festival (Spring Spree 2012) held at NIT Warangal and Ms Dhriti Trivedi won Best Female Model Award.
  • Saurabh Ahuja [Captain (2008B4A2704P)], Abhinav Mahajan (2008C6TS554P), Harshdeep Singh (2010A4PS300P), Vineet Agarwal (2007B1A8209P), Ayush Agarwal, Hemant Kumar Singh (2010B5A1580P), Pawan Kunchey (2009A4PS306P) and Anjal Khan (2010B2A4364P) of BITS Pilani won the Overall 2nd position in Efficycle 2011, organized by Society of Automotive Engineers Northern India Section [SAE NIS], held from 14 October 2011 to 16 October 2011, at UIET Chandigarh. The 8 member team designed a 3 tyred multi rider hybrid vehicle that runs both on human effort and batteries.
  • Dishank Upadhyay (2008A8TS270P) has been appointed by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as the Young Ambassador to Germany for the academic year 2011-2012. On 4 August, Christiane Schlottmann, Director of the DAAD, New Delhi handed over the letters of appointment to the second batch of fourteen 'Young Ambassadors'.
  • Saurabh Ahuja (2008B4A2704P), Ankit Khandelwal (2007B3A4655P) and Abhinav participated in a B-Plan competition held at IIM Kozhikode. They were overall winners in the Whiteknight- Backwaters event held during 18-20 November 2011. Apart from this, they won consolation prize at CONQUEST, Annual International B-Plan Competition of BITS Pilani.
  • Rohit Pathak (2011A7PS004P) and Aqsa Inayat (2011A7PS017P) received the prestigious Aditya Vikram Birla Scholarship 2011.
  • Ajay Singhvi (2011A3PS029P), Nayan M Goyal (2010A7PS308P) and Lokesh Jindal (2008A3PS073P) received the prestigious OP Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarship, 2011.
  •  Pinki (2010K108163P), Patel Hardik Himanshu (2010K108165P), Atul Gupta (2010K146177P), Jigish Jayantilal Parmar (2010K147191P), Anupama.D (2010K147190P), Chiranjeevi Venkatesh K (2010K146185P), Ankur Sharma (2010K108172P), Sudha Singh (2010K108162P), Rachumallu Ramakrishna (2010K146184P), Ashish Dutt Gajja (2010H108467P), Kumar Amit  (2011H146187P),
  • Nilanjana Sadhu (2008A5TS862P), Karkhanis Aneesh Vidyadhar  (2008A5PS432P), Jyothirmai Sirugudi (2008A5PS370P), Ankit Tankala (2008A5PS802P), Deepa Deepta Acharya (2009A5PS776P),  Sanjeev Agarwal (2009A5PS882P), Vankadari Koushik Kumar (2009A5AB680P),  Mohit Agarwal (2009A5PS499P), Shaurya Chanana  (2010A5PS854P), Saloni Kapil (2010A5PS849P), Riddhiman Pal (2010A5PS776P) and Bandi Sai Sharan Reddy  (2010A5PS840P) received the prestigious Sir Ratan Tata Trust Scholarship, 2011
  • Bhargav Golla (2009A7PS140P) got the Runners Up in the All India Web of Knowledge Quiz held during October – November 2011. Thomson Reuters, the parent company of Web of Knowledge sent a gift of Canon Power Shot A 3200 IS camera to the Institute which was handed over to him by Prof Arya Kumar, Dean, Student Welfare Division.
  • Aditya Shankar Raghuvanshi (2007B5A4661) and Aaksh Mohan Singhal (2007A3TS168P) participated in finals of Intel India Embedded Challenge and won First Prize in Smart Solution Category, a sum of Rs. 50,000 for the Robot Shaurya, an autonomous ground vehicle designed by them.  They also participated in DRDO Student Robot Competition 2010 held on 25-31 October 2010  at Chennai, Shaurya was shortlisted among the 14 finalists out of 240 teams from different parts of the country. Shaurya received prize money of Rs 1 lakh.
  • Nishank Varshney (2009B4A8698P) and G Bhargav (2009A7PS140P) were selected for the Design and Innovation Workshop organized by MIT Media Lab, USA at Pune during 24-28 January 2011. Only 120 Students were selected out of more than 1500 applicants from all over the globe.
  • Gautam Bothra (2010B3A3636P) stood first in the APOGEE event: Stock Market Simulation, an online event organised by Eco Finance Association.
  • A new Startup company by Nikhil P Bhandare  (2008C6PS298P) and Siddharth Seth (2009B4A3713P) has been selected amongst India's Top 30 Student Startups in the event NEN First dot at Chennai during 10-11 January 2011.
  • Siddharth Seth (2009B4A3713P) and Shayoni Seth (2009A7PS659P) were the only student invitees for Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (NRI Conference), organized by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and Confederation of Indian Industries at Vigyan Bhavan, Delhi during 7 - 9 January 2011.
  • Siddharth Seth (2009B4A3713P) got first Prize in CYBERFIESTA (International software designing contest) and second Prize in Project Presentation in Category – Infrastructure in APOGEE 2011.
  • Shivam Pratap Singh (2010A2PS417P) won first position for the project titled The Omniscient Bot (Communication and Network Systems) in APOGEE 2011.
  • Nikhil Gakkhar (2010H106431P) presented a research paper titled Experimental and Numerical Based approach for Fibre Reinforcement in Rotomolding in an International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering, held at Surat (India) during 6-8 June 2011. He also presented a research paper titled Experimental Reliability Analysis of Linear Low Density Poly-Ethylene in an International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Technology, held at Chitkara University (Punjab) on 20 July 2011.
  • Ravi Aswani (2010C7PS510P), Anjal Khan   (2010B2PS364P) and Hemant Kumar Singh (2010B5PS580P) got second position in an event called Peace Patra, a paper presentation (They presented on "Fortunes at the bottom of the pyramid") at SOIL India Conference, organised by School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon India on 18 March 2011.
  • Mayank Gupta (2010A7PS022P) won second prize in Projects (Category- Transportation) for the project on “Automatic Vehicle Accident Report System” in APOGEE 2011.
  • Ankita Sarda (2010A7PS020P), Vaibhav Grewal (2010A3PS024P), Prakash Singh (2010A3PS017P) and Shuja Shabir Naik (2010A7PS002P) received prestigious Aditya Birla Scholarship at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai in September 2010.
  • Divyashish Sharma (2008A5PS426P)  and Vineet Mohapatra (2008A2PS217P) won fourth prize in Wiz-o-Biz, Drishti 2011, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM), Nasik (January 2011), third prize in B-Plan, Kshitij 2011, IIT Kharagpur (January 2011) second prize in Ignite,  Elevator Pitch Competition, TATAVA 2011, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (February 2011) and first prize in DHITI,  APOGEE 2011,  BITS Pilani (March 2011) for their B-Plan "AMRIT" which seeks to solve water quality issues in Rural India by deploying low cost water filter "Boondh", which is based on biosand filtration and natural coagulation and is environment friendly as well.
  • Akash Saxena (2010A7PS168P) won second prize for the project on Use of Swarm Intelligence for designing an architectural plan for emergency evacuation, avoiding stampede (Infrastructure field) and first prize in the event Cyberfiesta in Apogee 2011.
  • Agrawal Chirag Shivprakash (2009A3PS058P) (Group Leader), Modi Krupal Chandresh (2009A3PS150P), Gogri Saumil Pankaj (2009B4A3539P) and Khambati Aziz Hozefa (2010A3PS101P) stood second in Avalanche, a competition involving robot building, image processing and data communication at IIT Bombay Techfest held during 7-9 January 2011.
  • Rishikesan Parthiban (2009A3PS191P) presented a paper on 'Write Tutor' at IITM 'International IEEE conference on Technology for Education' held during 14-16 July 2011.
  • Rishabh Mehrotra (2008B4A7533P) presented a paper in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which got accepted at a Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis to be held in conjunction with 49th Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies (ACL-HLT) 2011 in Portland, Oregon on 24 June 2011. It was the only paper by an undergraduate author which was selected for publication at the workshop.
  • Ayush Kanwar (2008A1PS474P) received Prof. R P Vaid Award by BITSAA and Chemical Engineering Association, BITS, Pilani on 24 April 2011.

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